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Welcome to Soulcycler, the home of Rick Gunn: writer, photographer, adventurer and public speaker.

For booking information, please call: 775-339-1344 or send an email inquiry to soulcycler@yahoo.com

News for Summer/Fall 2016:

I am excited to announce two new upcoming presentations. The first will be in  Reno, Nevada September 15th in collaboration with the Reno Gazette Journal. The second is part of an upcoming TEDx South Lake Tahoe event on October 5th. (Exact times and locations to be announced soon.)

These multi-media shows will follow my recent bicycle journey through Turkey and Greece (then on through Macedonia and Albania) and my volunteer work within two Syrian Refugee Camps. 


This uniquely emotional presentation will provide an inside glimpse into what the UN has called “The biggest humanitarian crisis or our time” putting a human face on those displaced by war.  Join me for a night to remember. I hope to see you there.

Other ongoing presentations available for hire include my cycle journey through Oman, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as part of my Wheels of Peace Project. Join me and my good Iranian friend Mohammad Tajeran on Iran’s southern Island of Qeshm as we attempt to unite young students in America and Iran. Opening a much needed dialogue between our two nations, Mohammad and I share with students the story of our friendship, while opening a conversation the idea of non-violent conflict resolution through dialogue, respect, and mutual understanding.  With that, we asked these young minds to exchange peace-based artwork and letters. This project was transformed into several newspaper articles as well as a TEDx (Kish) Talk, in which I became one of the first Americans in 35 years to speak in Iran about the ideas of peace and reconciliation.


Wheels of peace collage 1



















Or for those who have not seen it yet:

Soulcycler: Words and Images from a 25,811-Mile Bicycle Journey Around the World.

This a CLASSIC  Soulcycler adventure presentation that I’ve delivered to thousands, both at home and abroad in packed auditoriums, sold-out theaters, schools, and groups where I’ve received many standing ovations.


*Below is a general description of this show. For booking information, costs, or more details on this and any other show, you can email me at soulcycler@yahoo.com.


Are you ready for the world? Then get ready to join writer-photographer-adventurer Rick Gunn for his presentation “Soulcycler, Words And Images From a 25,811-Mile Bicycle Journey Around-The-World.” “Soulcycler” combines 350 breath-taking photos from 33 countries, set to music, accompanied by a selection of uniquely emotional stories from around the globe. Inspired by a series of formative experiences during his childhood, Gunn delivers a front-row seat to the pursuit of his lifelong dream of cycling the planet.

Ultimately transformed by scenes of war, poverty, and disease along the way, Gunn begins dedicating his journey to the greater good, expanding his defintion of what it means to care, to give, and to love. Whether reporting from an orphanage in Nepal, volunteering in an AIDS Hospice in Thailand, Covering Bomb extraction and mine victim rehabilitation in Laos and Vietnam, to simply planting trees in Borneo, “Soulcycler” delivers a first hand account the realization of a dream, the current state of the planet, and what it means to care.

Heres what one viewer wrote about the Soulcycler Round the World show:

“What an honor it was to attend Rick Gunn’s presentation of his 26,000 mile bicycle journey at the Brewery Arts Center Thursday. The evening was emotionally filled with stories and photographs of his three year journey that simply took your breath away. Images of love, hate, poverty and oppression left one feeling like there was so much more to life than we even know.  Gunn is truly a remarkable human being, full of passion for what he believes in.  I can only hope we could all share this passion for life. I left feeling the desire to care more, do more, and yet at the same time, need and want so much less. Thank you Rick for a whole new insight.” TANJA MUSSELMAN Carson City For booking information, please call: 775-339-1344 or send an email inquiry to soulcycler@yahoo.com

Below you will find my stories and photos from my mad bicycle ramblings round the planet.



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