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Meet Virginia

All I wanted Sunday morning was a little privacy. air jordan 31 There, on a secluded bank of Virginia’s Holston River, I thought I’d found some. It had been two days and 150 miles since my last bath. I grabbed my soap and waded in. adidas y3 Slipping into the emerald water, small whirlpools spun […]

Cycling among the people of the South wind

There was something out there. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was there. I pulled to a stop and wiped the sweat from my head. nike air force 1 I scanned the long, straight, impossible sameness of the open plain surrounding me. asics tiger In the distance, a farmer kicked a whirl of […]

Death Valley

[nggallery id=1] Like vampires waiting for the setting sun, we were holed up in the artificial coolness of an air-conditioned cheap motel room in the heart of Death Valley. We were waiting for the dark and the coolness that it brought. We would wait in vain. When four o’clock hit, we were forced out by […]

SF to NY The Greatness of America

[nggallery id=1] The ride from Washington, D.C., to New York left me with scars. Not the quaint dermal remnants considered fashionable on the elbows and knees of elite road cyclists. I would have preferred those. basket nike tn soldes These scars were left on the inside. A kind of post-traumatic cycling disorder that left me […]

In Austria, There is no tidy Hollywood Conclusion

[nggallery id=4] WWhen I’d crossed Switzerland, I’d filed its images and memories in my mind as a child tucks newly found coins into his back pocket. I said my good-byes to Switzerland near St. Morritz and rolled like a pinball down the swale of the Inn Valley. There, I glided up one side, then gently […]