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Leaving Cambodia

[nggallery id=27] When I’d finally stepped off a bus and back onto the streets of Phnom Penh, I found my bike where I’d left it, looking lonely and locked to a tree. Though I’d spent less than a week here, I’d quickly built a pattern. This started each morning with long cups of coffee and […]

Leaving East Timor

[nggallery id=32] Historians called it the youngest nation on the planet. Economists refer to it as the poorest country in Asia. Critics called it a failed state. But as I stepped from a bus onto the war-torn streets of East Timor, I called it my last stop in the developing world. At first glance, the […]

Australia — Across the Red Center

[nggallery id=33] The sun rose before me with the glow of an oven coil, a red disc that crept from the horizon. nike air max soldes The heat that followed nearly set the landscape on fire. A kangaroo sprang from the bush, kicking up puffs of dust. Stopping for a moment to watch its tracks, […]

To Save Siam

[nggallery id=23] “You look tired,” the man said from behind the coffee counter. He was lying. I looked dead. Coiled in fever for the last three days, I’d arisen from a serious lung-infection only to cough-up blood. adidas gazelle Certain I’d be killed by the airborne pollution I’d inhaled across Bangladesh, I’d made a pact […]

Shedding Skin in Java

[nggallery id=31] This is not going to be pretty, I said to myself after scouring a map of Java. asics gel pas cher Straining my eyes in the dank light of my tumble-down hotel room, I’d studied that map for an hour trying to link a decent cycling route across the island. After coming up […]