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Sharing a Hero’s View in NZ

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Alone and naked, I stood in the rain. Engulfed by the solitude of the surrounding forest, the river before me flowed like translucent tea. Entranced by the rain that danced upon its surface, the patterns it formed mimicked life itself – concentric circles arising, myriad forms, radiating outward, dissolving downstream. A teardrop fell […]

Wild in Tasmania

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Journal 51

Dates: Nov. 10-29, 2007 Mileage log: 21,600-22,200 Elevation: Sea level-4,000 feet Visited: Devonport, Deloraine, Mienna, Ouze, Mount Field National Park, New Norfolk, Hobart, Dunalley, Eagle-Hawk Neck, Orford, Dolphin Sands (Coles Bay), Bicheno, St. Helens, Scottsdale, Launceston

I was halfway across Tasmania’s Western Highlands when I came across the beast – a […]